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Ashland Evening Lions Club

At our February 1 meeting, three new members were inducted. They are Lion Tim Kershner sponsored by PDG Lion Myron Amstutz, and Lions Heidi Spade and Jack Olmstead sponsored by Lion Nancy Meyers. Please welcome them at our upcoming meeting.

Our March 1 meeting is also the nominating meeting. In addition to the slate of officers by the Nominating Committee, nominations will also be taken from the floor. Lion Mark Rafield, the Ashland County Emergency Management Director and Lions District Alert Coordinator will be the speaker.

Our March 15 meeting will be our annual White Elephant auction. Please bring a wrapped gift to be auctioned off. This meeting has always been a fun time for all, plus raising funds for our Club operations.

March 20 is the first day of Spring, and April 1 is Easter Sunday.

The April 5 meeting will have Angela Woodward as our speaker. She is director of the Ashland County Cancer Association. This is also the Election of Officers meeting.

The April 19 meeting will be our annual Lion/Daughter meeting. The Entertainment Committee is in charge of the arrangements.

Keep our ailing Lion members in your thoughts and prayers.

Yours in Lionism,

Lion President Paul Goard

MARCH Birthdays

--3/13 Lion Glen McClure

--3/31 Lion Kim Mercer

“The Can Man” - By: Lion Dean Leiendecker

This ends 2017 year recycling with a big month from the church apartments. Thanks Lion Ken Rufener for your contact with Park Street Church.

Trips to Milliron to sell Recycled items

11-20-2017======Darrell========$ 93.60

11-21-2017======Dean=========$ 409.40

11-27-2017======Darrell========$ 88.80


11-30-2017=======Dean========$ 333.10

12-04-2017=======Dean========$ 112.80

12-11-2017====Dean==Darrell====$ 450.36

========Total money made====$4,797.78

Hours Lions worked on Recycling


Dean Leiendecker============== 50hrs.

Bill Hartsell===================50hrs.

Darrell Lindner================ 25hrs.

IPPBill Synder================ 15hrs.

Paul Goard=================== 07hrs.

Clarence Hofer================ 20hrs.

Steve Fast=================== 04hrs

Ed Krakora===================05hrs.

Tim Leslie=================== 25hrs.

Glen McClure=================10hrs.

Ken Rufener==================61hrs.

Janet Rufener=================29hrs.

Bob Taylor===================06hrs.

Lisa Strong===================04hrs.

========Total hours worked===311hrs


Thank you Lions and Lisa Strong for your help.



By: 3rd VP Lion Ann Miller

For anyone planning to attend the convention, please take advantage of the waterpark. The cost is $10 payable at the desk rather than the normal $29.

More details at the March meeting.

Upcoming Events

March 1 - Regular Meeting - Nominations Night

March 8 - Board of Directors Meeting --Ashland County Historical Society. Manor House – 6:30 PM

March 15 - Regular Meeting

Download the complete news letter HERE.