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Lord God, have mercy on these who have at last been called from this life. We praise you for their life and the rich memories that they have left. Many years of life were granted them. They have experienced countless joys and sorrows, successes and failures, dreams and fears.

 Now that they have been called to the eternal banquet of heaven, I beg you in your endless mercy to raise them to new life. May they rest for ever in the joy that has been won for us by Christ Jesus.


Eternal rest, grant to them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.

Lloyd Shreffler, 1966

Arthur Wells, 1967

Donald Peters, 1969

Ralph Reed, 1973

Joseph Lovering, 1975

Theodore Grafton, 1976

Ron Chaney, 1981

Charles Turk, 1981

Harold Stine, 1986

Clyde Weaver, 1986

Bernard Hughey, 1987

Oddie Rucker, 1988

Art Hart, 1989

Dick Brown, 1989

John Souder, 1989

Reverend Merle Wolf, 1991

Lee Pynchon, 1992

Robert Roller, 1992

Chick Drake, 1994

Floyd Barcus, 1994

Dick Brubaker, 1996

Ed Russell, 1996

Larry Andress, 1996

Bernie Johnson, 1996

Merald Wiser, 1997

Rex Martin, 1997

Robert Machin, 1999

Clayton Gongwer, 2000

Gene Cooper, 2000

John Dickson, 2000

Bill Chronister, 2001

Bob Mount, 2001

Bob Thompson, 2001

Herb Witmer, 2001

Duane Plice, 2002

Jorj Hildebrand, 2003

Karl Geiss, 2003

Jim Crawford, 2005

Leon Ford, 2005

Paul Shonkwiler, 2006

Herb Griffith, 2006

Paul Reese, 2008

Bob Whitcomb, 2008

Dale Moherman, 2009

Bob Keplinger, 2009

Norm Zachariah, 2011

Dee Keplinger, 2012

Dick Kerr, 2012

Lee Robertson, 2012

Bill Wolfe, 2012

Bud Plank, 2013

Al Kieft, 2013

Bill Jeffries, 2017

Ray Miller Sr., 2018