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Ashland Evening Lions Club

Current Officers

President -  Paul Goard

1st Vice President - Forrest Conrad

2nd Vice President - Ed Krakora

3rd Vice President - Ann Miller

Secretary - PDG Myron Amstutz

Assistant Secretary -

Treasurer - Kim Mercer

Assistant Treasurer - Nancy Meyers

Tail Twister - Denny Hiner

Assistant Tail Twister -

Lion Tamer - Ron Hofer

Assistant Lion Tamer -

Newsletter Editor - Carol Dickson & Clinton J. Haught

District Governor - Greg Hess

1st Vice District Governor - Keith Kaufman

2nd Vice District Governor - Ken Schuck

Zone 7 Chairman - Glen McClure

Immediate Past President - Bill Snyder

Note: In compliance with policies established by Lions International, Ashland Evening Lions conducts annual elections at which time floor nominations are solicited, and a confirming vote is taken on each office to be filled. Over the years, however, it has become somewhat "standard practice" in the Ashland Evening Lions that the offices of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Lion Tamer, Tail Twister, Membership Director, and the three One Year Director positions are filled by advancement of assistants from the slate of officers from the prior year. By doing this the Club has realized a smooth and orderly progression of the officers who have had the opportunity to gain experience and understudy the office to which they are elected. Thus, each year NEW candidates are solicited by the Nominating Committee for the offices of Third Vice President, Assistant Tail Twister, Assistant Lion Tamer, Second Vice Director for Membership, and the three Two Year Director positions.

Members are encouraged to take a more active part in the operation of the Club by serving on the Board of Directors, either as a Director or an officer of the Club.

Any individual aspiring to serve the club in any official position is encouraged to contact the Club president, any members of the Board of Directors, or any member of the nominating Committee prior to February first of each year, to make their wants and desires known. If you wish more information relative to Club offices, please contact any Past President, or any one of the Club officers.